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DOTTesterTM is the turnkey app to complete DOT physical forms and certificates for on-site and off-site DOT medical exams. It's the fastest and most organized method to help providers deliver the best possible service and care. If you're new and just getting started with DOT medical exams, you won't believe how easy it is to build a new line of service for your practice. Providers already performing DOT exams are thrilled with how simple and organized everything is—from patient to provider. It's time to let DOTTesterTM manage your exam program!

On the Road, Grab & Go!

DOTTesterTM is ready for your off-site exam clinics.

DOTTesterTM was designed to hit the road. Having a mobile exam room allows you to see patients where they work. It's not always easy for your hard-working patients to get into the office, especially when they are out of town most of the time. Expand your practice beyond the four walls of your office and into large commercial trucking companies or truck driving schools.

Travel bag with tablet and DOT medical form on screen
Tablet with exam screen showing navigation

Step-by-Step Linear Flow

Simply work your way through each section until the exam is complete.

Through a guided process, you'll make sure each and every exam is complete. Don't worry if something is missed, because DOTTesterTM will validate each section as you progress. With one click, you can go back to update any area of the exam.

Intuitive Form Elements

Speed and simplicity is DOTTester'sTM core focus.

Navigate by touch through each automated section via graphical icons. Collect a clear patient and provider signature with just a finger. Using the signature retention feature, you can keep a provider signature on hand for expedited signing via security pin. It's more than a convenient feature—it’s a valuable compliance tool.

Tablet with drivers information and selecting eye color via icons
Tablet with generated DOT physical exam form

Crystal Clear Documentation

Generate legible reports and certificates faster than the standard paper exam forms.

Reports are created in globally accepted PDF format. Email or print exams right from the app and provide on-the-spot documentation to the patient as needed. Easily make the exam a part of an existing patient's electronic record by adding the PDF to their paperless file cabinet. No need for a printer, camera, scanner, fax machine, or even a pen to complete exams.

1-2-3 Purchase and Getting Started with DOTTesterTM

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    It should only take one trial exam with the help of our Support & FAQs page for you to get up and running. The remaining 5 tests are yours to get started with live tests or practice as you choose.

    Tests will only be deducted once signed. Until then you can continue to practice and play with the form as much as you want.

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